Scarpa Origin Review- Worth it? Or not?

SCARPA has always been super popular yet very famous brand of La Sportiva, Evolv and as well as other brands. However, Scarpa origin also is known to be a very affordable brand where price tags are super low and come under everyone’s budget.

That’s why we love Scarpa Origin, and here in this review, we are going to reveal some more details about this affordable yet strong made shoe brand.

Scarpa Origin Best for Beginners- Flat design:

So, according to the manufacturers, the Scarpa Origin is mainly preferred to be for beginners and of course, the price is very well low and budget friendly. The shoe is much more capable and a perfect choice for beginners who start to run their life with some ups and downs moves.

The Origin will surprisingly full the needs of the beginners and as well as intermediate climbers to achieve their success point effectively.

Scarpa Origin Review

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As you can see that the Scarpa Origin has a flat-out design, and when a climber shoe has a flat design, it means that it will definitely provide you with the wearer to relax their feet down conveniently and further allow them to learn climbing gradually.

The flat design of this Scarpa Origin shoe will also offer the beginners to slowly and more actively learn the process of climbing. Although, this flat structure that comes with the suede upper perform very well while allowing the climbers to easily wrap down the shoe around their feet for better comfort and support.

Comfortable And Supportive- Midsole:

Now, let’s talk about the main thing in the climber shoe which is “midsole.” So, in Scarpa Origin, you may find Flexan material midsole, and that’s the actual material name which was introduced by Scarpa itself.

However, this material well purposely maintains the shoe smoothness and allow it flexible enough for the running process.

Thus, Scarpa Origin is a comfortable pair of shoes while offering your feet to relax and climber’s feet will be ready to experience with a smooth edge at the time of climbing as well. Also, the midsole will provide you with keeping a precise amount of friction.

SCARPA too has its house outsole by which they named it with the SCARPA Vision rubber. Though, this outsole is very durable and of course, comfortable enough for the beginners to enjoy their climbing and achieve the target as well. The outsole gives very excellent durability by managing its mere stickiness intact.

  • A flat design
  • Simple and easy to wear
  • Just wrap it around, and that’s it
  • Durable
  • It is designed just for beginners; once you cross this phase, you may not be able to wear them on a professional level.

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Final Verdict:
Scarpa always makes sure to provide some easy and simple to wear shoes rather than some complicated ones, especially for beginners. That’s why this Origin has designed in a way to provide basic comfort and overall support during the climbing.