Scarpa Helix Review- Is It Safe To Meet Your Goals?

If you make up your mind to finally get a quality pair of shoes for the climbing purposes, then you probably can’t go wrong with the Scarpa. Scarpa is the choice for you which can allow you to meet up with your desire goal just as the way you want.

This Italian brand has been here for generation and one of the best shoe brand ever which delivers the best outdoor footwear. And today, we will talk about one of Scarpa’s model named “Helix,” which is the perfect choice for rock climbing.

Best Rock Climbing Shoe- Beginners choice:

So, here we want to tell you that the Helix is available in different sizes for both women and men. You may find a variety of colors, just according to gender.

However, Scarpa made this outstanding pair of shoe Helix with the main purpose in mind, which is “for beginners only.” Yes, Scarpa Helix has made especially for the beginners out there to make them feel comfortable yet supportive through the time


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However, Scarpa always wanted to make a pair of shoes which can easily be able to provide better support and of course, handle everything up to the technical alpine climbs. So, if you are a beginner and want to start your practicing time, grab this pair of shoes and go ahead with the excitement and joy towards your goal.

Perfect Lacing Up Feature:

Well, yes, it is safe to finally say that Scarpa Helix can meet with the goals of climbers to successfully reach the desired point. Although, with the help of the lacing up feature, the shoes will make you able to wear them without any worry or hassle. Just lace it up with a quick sticky option and leave to your journey.

Of course, the shoes are super comfortable from the inside, just like giving you the feel of a pillow under your feet. Made with durable quality material and still, very budget-friendly price tag. So, if you want to go for a rock climbing with full of passion, Scarpa Helix can become your best companion for the journey.

Soft And High-Durable Material:

So, here is another reason for you to fall in love with the Scarpa Helix is its awesome material construction. Though the shoes have made with upper suede leather to give you outstanding weather resistant quality, and it has an outsole of TAC 100 rubber super comfortable and soft to your feet.

Also, there is no lining at all in the construction of the shoes, by which you can stay more comfortable and relax throughout the journey. So, make yourself comfortable and prevent your feet from pains and aches, grab the Scarpa Helix now…

  • Good for beginners
  • Best for rock climbing
  • Rubber outsole
  • Soft to touch
  • Lightweight
  • Not recommended for indoor/gym types of use.

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Final Verdict:
So, Scarpa Helix is the best choice for your outdoor climbing activities. The shoes are comfortable from inside to outside and come with a variety of sizes and colors.