La Sportiva Otaki Review- Is It Suitable For You?

So, today we are talking about the new climbing shoe “La Sportiva Otaki.” Here in this article, you will get to know all the related information about La Sportiva climbing shoe, i.e., what is the material used in the construction process and how beneficial these shoes are for climbers. You will find every inch of detail regarding the shoe in this review so that you can easily make your mind to choose it or not.

La Sportiva Otaki Suitable For Jamming Cracks-

The Otaki offers the most sense for every level of climbers who desire to get a single shoe for their jamming cracks further here and there. And believe us, you may not find a better shoe than this one to perform well and on point so that you can able to go far beyond your imagination.

Moreover, this Otaki is very suitable for the climbers who mainly put more focus on steep sport routes. The pair of this Otaki will help them to provide a great support, especially there is a smaller power point closer to the toe.

La Sportiva Otaki Review

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Furthermore, it is built with a better and comfortable heel/toe hooking, by which your feet will stay secure completely from toe to the heel.

The La Sportiva Otaki also work very well to your both technical faces climbing and as well as the random crack. Also, the best part is that the shoes are so comfortable and supportive to be wear even when belaying and on the routes of medium crack climbs, whereas, the shoes give you pretty hardcore feel, especially for the crack climbers to easily achieve their goal without any suffering or pain.

Though, the Otaki is suitable for every kind of climbing techniques to give you more support and comfortable feel at the time of climbing.

Perfect Lace Up Design- Fit For Everyone:

So, make yourself super comfortable yet supportive with the help of Otaki’s lace-up design feature which gives you superior control and grip around your feet. However, you may also find a plastic kind of edging platform which lives in the shoe’s sole and furthermore, keeps the downturned shape.

Though, the Otaki has a somewhat more asymmetrical shape which provides you with better edging and performance. Also, this edging feature will probably give you less pain as compared to other models of La Sportiva.

Comes with the perfect velcro straps ability to give you the quick wrap up around your feet for better performance and flexible moments.

  • Velcro lace-up design
  • Super comfortable sole
  • Best for jamming climbing
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Supportive and fit in size
  • You can wear the shoes for other climbing techniques, except cracking.

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Final Verdict:
To make your cracking climbing successful and easier, try to grab the pair of La Sportiva Otaki shoes. They are super supportive and specially made for the jamming cracking techniques.