La Sportiva Finale Review- Comfort Unlimited

Multiple manufacturers are introducing their new climbing shoes articles to the market, but some of them constantly focus on creating new and upgraded models to serve their customers with the best. And when we talk about the best climbing shoes, there is no one better than La Sportiva.

This brand is the main attraction for both men and women who are a kind of climbing lover and want to experience new climbing techniques again and again.


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However, this is also true that climbing shoes may not be supposed to comfortable enough, as they sound like harsh and irritating ones, but when it comes with La Sportiva, this “discomfort” statement automatically changes into the most comfortable one ever.

That’s why after hearing so many positive experiences of this model La Sportiva Finale, we are finally here to give you a quick review.

Look Says It All About Frist Impression:

So, when we take the shoes out of the box, then the first thing that clicks our mind is its design and looks. La Sportiva Finale doesn’t look like futuristic, but if you need to get an advanced level climbing shoe, then Finale can never make you disappointed.

The La Sportiva Finale has made with a very simple and classical design, and this is specially made for the beginners, who are still on their learning phases.

Thus, Finale comes with a blended mixture of suede, rubber, and leather; you may also see that the shoes have come with a lacing up system that works like tape around to your feet, by which you will feel more secure and protected at the time of climbing.

Comfortable Structure- Heel And Midsole:

The shoe has made with a midsole name midsole LaspoFlex midsole, which provide you with a solid comfortable fit and of course, Finale is not too soft neither too stiff, but it will give you the right hit on the point.

However, the heel area on the Finale is a kind of hard rubber coating which will perfectly protect your heel area in the accurate position, so that it doesn’t hurt when you move around the rocks.

Furthermore, you may also see some bands on the shoes, which also give you a solid grip to the heel for more grasp.

Best For Beginners, But Not Belittled:

We have seen so many companies which failed to produce good quality beginners climbing shoes, some are bad in quality, and some give you very bad performance.

But, La Sportiva Finale has something new and exciting, which is a combination of comfort and support. Despite being a beginner shoe, the extreme quality and the quality Finale’s components are truly commendable. Made with the upper microfiber leather material which gives you top-notch quality.

  • Best for beginners
  • Fully supportive and comfortable
  • A mixture of suede, rubber, and leather material
  • Extremely good in quality
  • Not recommended for rough and bare climbing


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Final Verdict:
The La Sportiva Finale is the perfect choice for you to make your climbing time easier and more comfortable. The shoe has such abilities to give you the exact support you want at the time of the climb.