How To Cut Climbing Rope 3 Easy And Effective Ways 2019

Have you seen climbers on your TV screens doing something with their rope? Well, you might be curious about what they are up to. Let me clear it to you guys. The climbing ropes cost way too much, so it’s obvious you won’t get a new rope every time you go out there for climbing.

So, what the climbers do is that they keep a single climbing rope with themselves and cut it from anywhere its being damaged. How cool isn’t it?

Most of the climbing ropes according to the climbers and research experts are damaged from the two ends. This is because the climbing rope is hooked with the carabiner which causes the most damage as the rope has to pass the carabiner every time you fall while climbing.

How To Cut Climbing RopeThere it is advised to cut the two edges of the rope because of that’s the only part of the rope which is being damaged. Most of the climbing experts say that the middle of the climbing rope is still brand new even after a couple of climbs.

So now you know why cutting ropes are a better option than buying a new one, but our main aim is to teach you guys reading this how to cut the climbing rope.

Most of you might know out there that climbing ropes are way too thick they are not typically like a normal rope this is because to assure the climber’s safety so that when the climber falls, the rope holds his back.

While cutting your rope, you have to make sure that the protective cover type thing that is present inside the rope is not torn and that the rope does not become fray. In order to make sure we suggest you guys out there to tape around the area which you are about to cut what this will do is that it will tighten the rest of the rope and will free the area which you are about to cut hence not damaging the rope.

Moreover, it’s also recommended that you should melt the areas or the ends with a matchstick or a lighter. This is important because it softens the tight rope grains.

Let’s Start With Our Steps On How To Cut The Climbing Rope.

Mark And Tape The Climbing RopeSTEP1. Mark And Tape The Climbing Rope

Start by using a piece of the ruler and a single sharpie/marker. You take your rope to see at the ends where the damage is and mark 30cm away from the actual damage. You do not have to mark the exact place where there is damage you’ve to leave someplace.


finger tapeIf you can’t find any obvious damage on your rope, but you know that it had been stretched by a heavy load, mark 5 meters from the ends of the rope.

Now when you have marked the spot take a take (we recommend electric or finger tape), it doesn’t matter what type of tape you are using because it just tightens and protects the inside of the rope. Tape around the roe as tight as you can.

STEP2. Tighten The Climbing Rope 

Stretch the climbing rope from 2 ends. You can call your buddy to help you stretch the rope. Doesn’t wait to have a buddy?

Tie one end of the rope the something like a chair and then holds the second end. The more the rope will be tighter the easy it will be to cut it. By stretching the rope, the grains stretched which helps in cutting the rope easily.

STEP3. Cut And Melt The Ends.

Cutting the Climbing RopeWhile stretching, you’ll have to cut the rope right through the place you taped. You can use a hot knife as well as a hot knife. A hot knife can make it easier, but there is no issue in using a cold knife.

Once you’ve successfully cut the rope, you are almost done to be safe and to ensure your rope from fray burn the ends with a lister this will stick the threads of the rope together and won’t get you in trouble when you are climbing.


Helpful Tips And Precautions

Helpful Tips And PrecautionsWell after teaching you how to cut the climbing rope now we will like you to tell you guys some helpful tips and precautions you may take in your notice.

As we have guided you through the fact that cutting rope is better than buying rope  , you must be a long climbing rope than you need this will help you whenever you cut the rope it will still be enough for your climb.

Moreover, every climbing rope has a marking on the middle to guide the climbers how high they are therefore we recommend you guys to update that mark in the middle whenever you cut the ends. Moreover, you must measure the rope to make sure whether it’s enough or not for the track you are willing to climb on.

To conclude, we would like to state that we hope that now you are much familiar with how to cut the climbing rope. The methods above mentioned will surely save your time and money as well.If you follow our steps carefully then you will end up making your old rusty ends rope into a brand new one. Therefore, we suggest you have measures of those ropes before climbing that will assure you either the rope is enough or not for your climbing.