How To Clean Rock Climbing Shoes | Easy And Effective Hacks

How To Clean Rock Climbing ShoesClimbing shoes now a days take a lot of mistreatment. They are the one which allows you to stand on a piece of ground wherever you walk. To keep them in their best possible condition you must clean them regularly, and we here will try to guide you in your duty.

Climbing shoes go through a lot of things which include dirt, grime, and toxins. Moreover, the fungus can easily be flourished inside the shoe due to human sweat. In this case, they won’t allow you to get the full amount of use from your shoe, and the shoe might get you in danger.

We here will teach you the best possible way to clean your rock climbing shoes.

Cleaning Shoes By Hand


  • Warm water
  • Gentle detergent
  • A large tub
  • A soft brush

STEP 1: Fill Up The Tub With Water.

Fill up your container or tub with warm water we repeat the water should not be cold because cold water does not loosen deposits of human sweat or grime nor should the water be hot because it softens the rubber sole

STEP 2: Add Detergent To The Water

In choosing a detergent, we will refer you to choose a soft or a mild detergent. Try avoiding harsh detergent as it will result in damaging your shoe’s laces, sole, etc. Only use a small amount of detergent on the water

STEP 3: Brush Off The Dust Particles And Other Wastes

To remove the dust particles, you will need to brush away the dust using a small brush before getting the shoe wet. If there are pieces of waste inside the shoe, try turning the shoe upside down and then gently tap it the debris will likely fall.

STEP 4: Clean The Outside

Take the small brush again and rub the brush against the shoe on the tongue etc. To lose the dark stains use to rub the brush gently on them don’t try too hard because you might end up tearing the piece of shoe. Dip the shoe in the warm water to loosen the dirt if you don’t do that some germs might remain inside.

STEP 5: Rinse The Shoe Completely

Clean the tub that was firstly filled with the soapy water now clean it and fill in the clean water. Place in the shoe and gently rub your hands against them until the shoe is clear and no soap is left behind.

STEP 6: Dry Completely

Try pushing all the water out of the shoe. You can also use a towel to wick the moisture. The best method for drying it is to open them out in direct sunlight which will help the moisture to evaporate quickly. Don’t wear the shoe until and unless it is completely dried

Other General And Easy Tips To Clean Your Climbing Shoes

Cleaning Of Climbing Shoes In A Washing Machine?

Cleaning your shoe in a washing machine would make our lives easier, and it will do out the job quickly too as compared to the hand method, but there is no such guarantee that your shoe won’t get damaged or torn away.

Due to the blade inside the washing machines, there are chances that your shoe might get torn. Therefore, most of the climbers get there climbing shoes cleaned manually with hands.

Moreover, in the washing machine, you do not have control over the shoe it is the washing machine that has control over your shoe whereas when you are washing it with your hands the shoe is in your control and you can get the waste and dirt particles more efficiently.

Drying The Shoes In The Dryer Can Make Them Shrink

Have you ever wondered whenever you wash your clothes and put them in a dryer you end up getting your shirt shrunk? The climbing shoes are likewise of the same material.

The problem is not in the washing of the shoe,but the problem is in the drying the shirt or your shoe in an unnatural source like a dryer. This unnatural source gets your shoes to shrink. Therefore, if you want a perfect drying open up your shoe into the open sunlight which will help the moisture inside the shoe to evaporate.

Easy Hack To Clean The Leather Climbing Shoes

Cleaning leather might not be the easiest task. But we here have got solution for your leather shoe as well. Washing them with warm water without any detergent with the help of a soft brush is the best possible way.

Leather gets affected by chemicals; therefore, we don’t recommend you guys to wash it using any chemicals. Use only the clean water and by using a soft brush rub the shoe.

Best Remedy To Remove The Smell From The Climbing Shoe

Does your climbing shoes smell after a hot climbing day? You don’t need to worry because we have got you an amazing mind-blowing life hack.

After cleaning your show and drying it, take a tea bag and put it inside your shoe. Let is be there overnight and the next morning when you wake up to remove the tea bags and woho!! You’ll have a smell free shoe.

Important Things To Avoid While Cleaning The Climbing Shoe.

There are many practices you need to avoid while cleaning your climbing shoe.

  • Firstly, use mild or warm water. Don’t use cold water because it won’t remove the dust particles completely, and don’t use hot water either because it will end up damaging your sole.
  • Secondly, don’t use harsh detergent. Using a harsh detergent will allow you to damage the shoe because it contains some toxic chemicals that are not good for your shoe.
  • Thirdly, when you’re done with washing you climbing shoe, don’t use any unnatural source of heat to dry it off, e.g., dryers, etc.
  • You have to expose them to the open sunlight. You are drying it with unnatural heating sources with shrink your shoes so to clean your shoe effectively put it in the open sunlight.
To conclude we would like to state that cleaning your climbing shoes is a must duty for every climber and every climber know how to clean up their shoes, but the thing they don’t know is how to wash them properly. By following our tips above, you can efficiently wash your climbing shoes without damaging it, and moreover, we have given you a new life hack on how to maintain the smell of your show. So, what are you waiting to share these tips with your fellow climbers too? Happy Climbing 🙂