How Many Calories Do Rock Climbing Burn? | Benefits And Effective

HOW MANY CALORIES DO ROCK CLIMBING BURNDid you know rock climbing is one of the best exercises? Many researchers say that it burns more calories than any other activity. Traveling up then moving down burns you a lot of calories that’s why nowadays every rock climber that shoes up on to your tv screen is fit and skinny.

This rock climbing is an enjoyable way to keep yourself in good and healthy shape. Unlike in gyms, where you get a chance to take a rest while doing treadmill etc. in rock climbing you don’t get that rest until and unless you’ve your climbing mission. You’ll be forced to get up and burn the maximum of the calories.

Calories Burnt While Climbing Up

While going up, you’ll have to use every single muscle of your body to keep it going. Climbing upwards does not doubt that its way much harder than climbing downwards. That’s because you’re pushing yourself against the gravity.

Pushing yourself against the gravity need more energy. Let’s take an example of a stair. When you climb down down the stairs, you do not feel tired because you are going with the gravity which is pushing you down, but when you climb up the stairs, you feel tired because you’re going against the gravity. Same is the case in rock climbing.

You’ve to be very focused on your task which includes pulling, pushing jumping, etc. At a weight of 125 pounds, you will lose approximately 340 calories in half an hour climbing up, at a weight of 155 pounds you will likewise be able to burn 410 calories in the same time.

Calories Burnt While Climbing Up

Don’t worry you’ll still burn a great number of calories while going down too, but as compared to going up you’ll burn a little fewer calories due to the gravity push factor.

While climbing down, you use your muscles to have a balance of yourself and maintain your body on the small peaks. Again, here to your jump, push and pull which burns your calories too.

One hundred twenty-five pounds will burn 240 calories, and 155 pounds will burn round about some 200 calories. Not Bad?

Additional Calories Burn During Rock Climbing

Every climber before starting their climb first does some warm-up exercises to get themselves prepared for the climb and so that their muscles can be widely relaxed and open. This means that you burn calories before even starting a climb too.

There are two ways to exercise before you’ve run over the rocks. This includes doing indoor or doing outdoor exercises. Outdoor exercises include hiking over the start points or running.

While you have another option too which includes doing treadmills etc. in the gym, you’ll burn over 100 calories if you’re 150 pounds. Not bad?

Health Benefits

While rock climbing it’s not that it that you burn calories it has many health benefits too. People tend to have aerobic classes so that you get a blood pumping exercise.

While you might not know the fact that rock climbing pumps your heart faster than any other exercise thus strengthens your heart muscles and keeping you away from stroke and heart attack diseases. Let’s talk about other benefits now

Rock climbing strengthens your legs, arms, back head, etc. You’ll notice your body getting stronger and finer. If you tend to burn these much of calories daily, it is said that you can burn a total of one pound daily how cool which means 30 pounds in a month.

It will get you from a fat man to strong fit men. What are you waiting now go set up yourself for a climb?

How To Calculate How Many Calories You Burnt.

The number of calories you burn depends on how many hours you climbed. The more time you climbed, the more calories you’re burnt moreover it differs from weight to different weight people have different weights thus burning a different amount of calories.

To get an exact calculation of your calories burnt, you’ll have to use a rock-climbing calories burnt calculator which you can find easily out there on the internet.

So, this is how it all goes firstly you write down your weight in the prescribed box, and then you write for how long you climbed. When you are done with writing your data in you prescribes boxes the calculator will estimate the number of calories burnt.

To conclude we would like to state that undoubtedly this rock climbing activity is way too beneficial for your health. It keeps you in shape strengthens your body parts. Plus, the bonus point is it is almost of no cost. Get yourself your climbing boots and who you’re good to go. Moreover, it pumps your heart and keeps your heart muscles in good shape hence preventing you from heart stroke and other diseases moreover it tends to help you lose 1 pound daily which means 30 pounds in a month not bad because no other exercise does that. So what are you waiting for get your climbing shoes, and you’re ready to set to go?